What Is Domination And Why Is It So Effective?

What Is Domination And Why Is It So Effective?


What Is Domination And Why Is It So Effective?
What Is Domination And Why Is It So Effective?

Domination. It’s often misunderstood, derided and even downright feared. It’s frequently called the D-word because of how negatively it tends to be perceived by those who are unfamiliar with it, or are fearful of its power and potential implications in their own lives and relationships. Yet domination—in this context, at least—is an incredibly powerful force that can be used for good if you know how to use it properly! Find out more about what domination is, why it’s so effective, and how you can start using it in your own life! 

1.Domination 101
You Can’t Be Dominating If You Don’t Know Your Dominant Personality Type. Before we can begin to learn how to dominate others, there is an extremely important concept you need to understand: What kind of personality are you? There are many different types of personalities, but we can simplify these down into four main personality types: The Distinguished (The Captain), The Scientist (The Scientist), The Judge (The Judge) and The Hero (The Hero). Understanding these characteristics and how they relate to each other can help guide you in choosing which type of role you play in a relationship.

2.Know Your Role
A lot of newbies don’t realize they have to play a role. You have to decide how you want to play and do your research on how to do it, but each individual player has a different idea about what their job is in ranked games. Some people think it’s about kills, some think its about objectives, and others think it’s something else entirely. Whatever you decide your role is, be sure that your team knows it and can count on you doing your job. A good example of a champion who excels at dominating lanes is Zed. He can outplay opponents and set up for easy ganks with his ultimate ability Shadow Slash so he can also carry games when he isn’t fed.

3.Basic Dominance Mechanics
The first thing to know about domination is that it’s generally easier for someone to dominate a less-dominant person. The second thing to know is that your dominance over another person is relative, not absolute—your boss might be dominant over you, but you’re still more dominant than your secretary. Finally, it’s important to understand that a lack of appropriate dominance can have real consequences. For example, if your coworkers take advantage of you or if you allow yourself to be manipulated by peers and people around you, then understanding how domination works will help prevent others from walking all over you.

4.Intermediate Dominance Mechanics
If you want to dominate your lane, you’ll want to develop some intermediate skill with your chosen champion. Intermediate dominance is about controlling more than just your lane – it’s also about being able to control how much farm other lanes get and where that farm goes. For example, let’s say you’re laning as a support. You can utilize vision and global abilities to slow down an enemy jungler who has ulted in to gank botlane or push him off of his path (if he’s starting blue side). Also, if you have a support partner like Janna or Lulu with knockups or slows on their long-range abilities, you can coordinate those with roams and ganks from either side of your team’s map.

5.Advanced Dominance Mechanics
The dominant behavioral trait of a high-functioning human being is their ability to make logical deductions, gather new information and create strategies based on that information. Most of us are only capable of gathering relevant information for short periods of time, which is why we rely so heavily on memory recall in order to make quick decisions. The more advanced a player becomes at Starcraft 2 however, there comes a point where players begin to operate on instinct. This can be compared to an experienced quarterback who doesn’t need to call out every play before going onto the field or an experienced chess master who can foresee their opponent’s next few moves without looking at previous moves made during gameplay.

How To Practice Dominating At Every Level
To practice domination at every level, you have to learn how to practice dominating and apply it to your life on a daily basis. Start with smaller victories. Instead of fighting for control over that next promotion or bigger project, win control over something small and harmless such as changing up your lunch routine for one week. Or better yet, buy yourself an activity tracker so you can see how many steps you take each day and attempt to double that number every week. Even if these small changes are not in line with your goals, they will help you focus on what’s happening right now instead of how things could be later down the road.

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