6 EFFECTIVE Life Lessons From JOKER

Life lessons from JOKER


6 EFFECTIVE Life Lessons From JOKER

NOTE: This article no intention to hurt anyone intention it is just a for information.

The joker play a paramount role in a dark knight movie everyone of us would be fan of him and appreciate his hard work. He worked along with the dedication. He was psychopath and full of madness in dark knight as well as He also used to generate fear in other persons. The joker was not to have any kind of fear. Let’s check those 6 EFFECTIVE Life Lessons From JOKER

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These 6 EFFECTIVE lessons from JOKER:-

lessons from JOKER

1.To Playing cleverly

 The joker taught us how to play cleverly with people. Have you seen the batman movie? He does play cleverly with strategies he had the ability to observe a thing, feel, to see the things through the transparent view.


2.Master planning

Have you seen the batman movie? in which he plants a bomb in boats and he says that bomb had been planted but actually the TNT was planted on another side of the boat. He makes strategies in such a way that no one could understand them at a normal level at all.

Don’t show your actual plan in a public place where people understand you fool and anything. Leave them in a dilemma until they will get to know about your plan you will have success.


3.To be calm

Joker was calm in any situation whenever the situation was critical or not he had a smile on his face to play the game cleverly. Whether he had pain in life or not. The fight can be win by calming moves so train your mind to be calm rather than angry. 


4.Always keep smiling

Joker keeps on smiling in every batman movie what does his smile he does not care to anyone that others what they think about him. whether situation good or not


 5.He was free from fear

 If he is afraid of executing the plans, was never going to succeed in his plan and strategies. He was a fearless person even. When you are free from fear of failure your mind works at an extraordinary level.


6.Never give up

If you have set up the mind to achieve any goal as well as to have a clear vision, do not making mistakes to give up. that would make us weak. You Keep on trying 100 times. it would be learned you something in life.

Sometimes you feel that you had not quite the goal you would have been reaching up to that. This point might be seen as a common in batman and joker life lessons but although they had completely different mindsets.


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