How to Stop Being an Emotional Fool

How to Stop Being an Emotional Fool


Does anybody exists who does not have emotion?

Answer would be “NO”  Let’s see further!

NOTE: This article no intention to hurt anyone intention it is just a for information.

How to Stop Being an Emotional Fool
How to Stop Being an Emotional Fool

The emotional fool is a psychological state when you give the importance so much to emotion rather than yourself it becomes the reason of many other things. In emotional state dominating behavior as well mind physical and mentally. This state will make people lose control over the mind decision that has been taken or any other act emotionally that may be hurt you. Being an emotional fool can create lot many problems for the person. Can you control the emotion? How to Stop Being an Emotional Fool good or bad? 

Let’s understand with the help of illustration:-

Whenever care person so much than yourself he becomes your friend there emotion will automatically attach to you after entering the emotional state will tell him about yourself and give the points to judge you. 

Facts about the emotional fool

To be emotional can be harmful to you how? We are all human so quickly is emotional any circumstances. emotional any person can make you to use for any work whether money matter, personal or not. people know how to use you for self-benefits to them and they will control you as they want to. Don’t flow into emotion. In fact, use the logical mind to understand the logic behind a person’s work. You should be seen the motive of a person which helps to develop new insight even.

When you trust blindly on anyone, they will definitely betray you then behaving like there is nothing happened as such as well as they will misleading you over and over again for themselves benefit. You have to avoid this cleverly.


Someone have good relationship with you but he betrayed you in order to some better later on he come back to you to telling of  his emotional story you are dominated by him and to make decision on the basis of his thinking. you think he is right! others are giving bad advice. 

that’s what emotional fool.   

Keep secret with yourself it would be more better!


We should not give the clues of ourselves to anyone due to which get a opportunity to them judge us. It will create a bunch of problems in the mind and left the some stress, anxiety also. This means you are calling problems. Did you use the brain to finding out? Where the opposite person got lose a point of us he may make you feel inferior in front of other people.

Taking decisions deliberately otherwise problems might come from any direction. Emotion cannot be stopped by you that is a fact!

Can you judge an introvert person?

Of course Not because talk is limited to anyone whom he know perfectly!  

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