How to be comfortable When you are alone

How to be comfortable When you are alone



Comfort is like when you lock yourself into room feel secure in that room and further come out of that room so bright light on your face and get astounded what wrong happening yourself. Comfort breaks the desire to accomplishment of target of what you decided. So, comfort zone would bring mere one thing that is laziness. Question is How to be comfortable When you are alone?

How to be comfortable When you are alone
How to be comfortable When you are alone

It is not bigger challenge for men or women could be comfortable every situation but when mind out of control and working differently get difficult to control it. how to push yourself  to be comfortable ? start from small not big you want to directly reach on the top that is impossible starting from small would be good instead of fail. Figure out the weak points of yourself of what made you feel uncomfort. You cannot keep forcing yourself to be secure Some things will fix itself 

Before getting out from home make mindset I will never feel alone because I am used to it! I had enormous challenge before it so why am in getting feel? Comfort could not come weak mindset. first of all, you must be comfortable and secure upon mind level then only can be physical level. Sometimes Alone person getting feel from inside ridiculous, worst, disgusting, awkward in social environment. observe yourself deeply 

All the people have already used to gathering group for gossip and conversation with their friends. This habit protect the people from depression or anxiety, fear and all that things. You should consider it that People never always going to with you see the situation from long term perspective or as a third person as well. It can be shock you.

Try to Practice to be alone as much as possible suppose standing in group will make you feel comfortable. And suddenly group have gone somewhere and you are standing among many people where people have been noticing unsecure feeling and emotion automatically comes in mind. 

Success brings comfortableness in life to living with strong desire. brilliant mind is the one of high-level mind what know the success well.  The mind must have clear vision to get the goals of life so many goals are aimless that cannot be achieved without strategy. Success combination of strategy and ideas

How to be comfortable

1.Make mindset

You will notice that mind find something safe where secure feeling existed.  Another thing It could also help to being secure so many people had made the mindset but they failed into it. This challenge does not work until try too practical. The mindset is not normal thing which cannot be changed suddenly even. This process takes time to convert mind into something extraordinary. The person must be serious with regard to his life

2.Face the situation to be alone

That will make person strong to tackle the situation and face the fear to be alone everywhere. The person must do that thing which make person feel weak. Then it becomes more powerful. As well as someday you will become sturdy.

3.Only interested person will talk to you

It would be fact that only interested people will talk to you as they know talented people and what can see the uniqueness in the eyes of yours as well. Although communication network must be powerful to being expert in communication skills. Unsecure situation would make us learn something exclusive henceforth being alone occasionally good for us.


All the things exist in world are temporary things come and go but yourself always remain exist. simple answer is that nobody would make you comfortable at your level.  people always will make you feel inferior it is harsh truth, cannot be ignore and procrastinate. one simple rule of life when no one want to talk to you. You should say its okay because i having unique personality therefore no one want willing to talk.   


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