9 Motivational life lessons from BATMAN

9 Motivational life lessons from BATMAN

9 motivational and inspiration life lessons from Batman

9 motivational life lessons from batman
9 motivational life lessons from batman

Batman one of the best famous hero is for everyone we often used to read and watch his stories in comic books. which was inspire us to making strong and strength full and different from the others as well. Which thing make him more powerful than others such as Superman, Hulk, Captain America…. 6 Ways to Improve Yourself in Everyday?

His suit and mask , unique thinking, fighting style, etc things. He has trained himself for long period for fighting against injustice and crime, acquiring knowledge as well as enhancing skill from time to time. He had gadgets and weapons either which was awesome. The main actor was Bruce Wayne what was batman. Everyone has seen or read that all movies or comic age no matter old, child, adult. All the superheroes stories motivate to us as you can see that.

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Gotham city
Gotham city

The reason behind batman’s feels to be more powerful which was his fancy gadget. He does believe in himself that no one can kill him until he has superpowers. Bruce Wayne  chosen a completely different path to become batman to protect (Gotham city) from enemies. The joker what was powerful and calm. Batman beat to him in dark knight movie as usual.

when do we influence by superhero?  we could relate to any character when they have same weakness as ours.

9 motivational and inspiration life lessons:-

1.To be a better version of yourself

7 Motivational and Inspiration life lessons from BATMAN
To be a better version of yourself

To becoming batman he was left all comfort zone and privilege he explored the world to gain knowledge and relevant skills to make himself capable of fighting against crime. Everyone can transform themselves by pushing their physical and mental limit. Think logically what can I do to break limits? Right!

Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to get things.


2.Anger and pain can be your weapon

If you suppress your pain and anger it might destroy you and your life even that can be used against enemy. that may be help you to reach up to top.


3.Never Give up

7 motivational and inspiration life lessons from Batman
Never give up

Did you watch batman dark rises he was in the well?

He keeps on trying to getting out of the well he several times failed to get out from the well due to which he broke his back.

But in the end, he gets successful in getting out from well. Never hope to give up. we often leave the hope to be successful but we get forgotten that in way of life taking time.

4.Face the fear

Face the fear

Everybody could be afraid of doing try new things they prevent them from taking action Bruce Wayne developed a fear of bats he used to be a kid. He does choose the bat symbol to fight against the injustice and crime. He was turned fear against the enemy. We must face fear to control ourselves which will make us stronger than others if you run away from fear it make you more fearful. You should feel the fear as depth as possible. Fear is the darkness sometimes fear is important to us it makes us teach valuable things

5.Always be one step further

Whenever he is preparing his mind for fighting and any kind of work , crime , the injustice he was always one step further which is unique thing. He does plan and make strategies for any situation due to which become batman. To be prepared for any situation and circumstances.

Always be one step further
Always be one step further

Although his mind and fighting skills was sharp but failed to win by Bane. you will able to understand if watch dark knight rises.

6.Use your power to enhancing knowledge and skills

Do always use your power to enhancing knowledge and skills rather than misusing of power against any person who has weak. To be mentally strong and physically strong. 

7. Develop Self-control


Why does Gordon trust on batman? Because of his self-control he was sure about batman will never lose self-control  its almost a superpower the power of self-control. batman developed it by himself.

8. Never makes an easy choice

we always choose easy things although every moment infinite possibilities are available ahead of us.

During interrogation joker says that you have to choose one Rachel and Harvey.

  • To showing yourself dominating 
  • Taking of law in the hands which is tough thing


If  cut off wrong wire of bomb can be explode. Batman face exactly same type of situation

9.Anyone can be hero in life

Anyone can be heroin life we do not need of superpower to become a hero. It is necessary that bring out the hero inside you even. To be different or unique in any work

 These things will make us better in life and to be batman in your life. “Do work what make your skills enhance”


One more thing batman does not kill his enemies.


The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight

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