6 Life Lessons from MONEY HEIST PROFESSOR?

6 Life Lessons from MONEY HEIST PROFESSOR?



6 Life Lessons from MONEY HEIST PROFESSOR?
6 Life Lessons from MONEY HEIST PROFESSOR ?

As you know the money heist series is one of the best popular series which have ever seen before that. Everyone is inspired from it to becoming like a professor because professors think in a unique way to generating possibilities and ideas which can be said think out of the box. Professor convert the failure into success. 

The professor who was the main character Alvaro Morte is fictional character in the series Sergio Marquina, mind was clever and sharp also as well as he was the genius of heist and assembled the team. Pedro Alonso who has been selected for Berlin brother of professor. Professor told in an episode that it was not his plan it is his father’s plan. We could learn 6 Life Lessons from MONEY HEIST PROFESSOR ?

6 lessons from Money heist Professor is Here: –

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1.Planning must be Strong:-

It is the main point you have to note it down without a plan no one can win in any fight. There are plenty of possibilities hidden inside the plan you just got to find it out. You need to long term vision to see cleverly every direction what is coming? This is an art to achieve anything. The mind must be train to work faster and make decision in possible manner as well.   

The possibility of the plan should be ready before executing the plan and calculate everything which related to the plan. Do Create many possibilities by keep using your mind. when you do it you are habitual of that.

2.One Step Ahead:- 

Always one step ahead no matter how you are clever or not it will be to find you out yourself. It all depends upon the planning if planning would be strong and much better than others there is no way to lose any task. We Should keep a backup plan in mind. Why is backup plan necessary? As No chances having any doubt or fear, anxiety in mind all the planning have had before taking action.

When we do not have any plan afraid of that to taking action or step

Planning should be divided A, B and C part always should have had extra plan available in mind which is known as backup plan as a alternative plan How you have to do it. it’s up to you. Do observe the everything. 

3.Changing plan according to the Situation: – 

To changing Planning, ideas, strategy according to circumstances you would have seen in series he changes his plan and strategy as per time and situation. What can we learn to form it? You need to change the plan from time to time without any confusion. Confusion is the big factor of being unsuccessful in the plan due to it stuck in dilemma.  

4.Believe in Yourself Rule No One of Life:-

Believe in yourself master key of success heard it by anywhere. That enhances our confidence to doing any work and other things either. The Professor believed in his plan that is why even he succeed to send their member of the team get into the bank.

“The things always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen”-Frank Lloyd Wright

5.To be Calm in any Situation:-

Did you see the professor in the series he used to calm in any situation and think logically to decoding the problems. which would make him stronger. The most of time if we see the problem get afraid or panic, anxiety of it rather than focusing on it. as our mind focus on problem instead of solution its nature of mind. The more practice makes a man perfect.   

6.Be Honest with Whom you have been working:-

Everyone has seen that moment he is caught by police Than also never betrayed to anyone with whom have been working in fact Priority was save and protect to the team without caring himself. 

Honesty is not a word its rule of life to live immediately sets up this rule in life that makes you special in this world. honesty turn person into successful that help to be connecting with other people. 


I learned these lessons form money heist Professor you can also learn that first of all you must to be mentally prepare. For example- Whenever you are going to friend his home 10 km far from yours home you think that can reach within 30 minutes  but do not reach due to which feel irritating on the other hand, when you are prepare to reach his home within 1 hour everything has been checked you do not feel irritating because you were prepare for that one.

These makes person clever and different believe in yourself should be first rule of life and Be honest with whom working it create better relationship between you and others person as well. The failure plan can be turn into successful do not leave hope till last. Be clear what do you want in life. You must have desire or aim to achieve. That is all I learned.

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